Silence: The Whispered World 2 Coming Next Year


Daedalic Entertainment is working on a sequel to the 2009 adventure The Whispered World.

The Whispered World is one of Daedalic’s lesser-known titles, mainly because it’s relatively old, coming to English-speaking audiences as it did on the leading edge of the New Wave of German Heavy Adventures in early 2010. Even so, it’s reasonably well-regarded, although as is often the case with Daedalic games it took hits for sub-par voice acting and puzzle design, and now that the studio has established itself as an adventure game heavyweight, it’s resurrecting the title for a sequel.

This is admittedly not the cheeriest teaser you’ve likely ever seen and the connection to the original game isn’t at all clear, but it appears that Silence: The Whispered World 2 will be a thematic sequel rather than a direct follow-up. The game will follow a teenager named Noah, who lost his little sister in the real world and hopes to find her again in the fantasy realm of Silence. Daedalic says The Whispered World 2 will be “emotionally investing yet humorous,” and will see the return of characters from the original as well as many new features and all-new 3D visuals.

The Whispered World website hasn’t been updated since April 2010 so this is really all we have to go on aside from a hoped-for launch target of late 2014. In the meantime, if you want to take the original Whispered World for a spin, you can score it for a tenner at either Steam or GOG.

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