Devolver Digital adds another promising indie to its publishing lineup.

A humorous trailer has released for the upcoming game OmniBus, inventing for it a twenty year development history. Staged as a series dedicated to vaporware, the video makes absurd claims regarding early excitement for the game as its development moves from one doomed console to the next and developer Buddy Cops office locations become more and more extravagant.

OmniBus is a much more recent project, of course, developed by two-man team Amir Badri and Jeremy Crockett. In the game, players control an unstoppable, ever-accelerating bus in a variety of bizarre missions and gameplay modes with visuals inspired by the low-poly count models and sprite-based textures found in first generation PlayStation titles.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year to fund a completed product, OmniBus will be published by Devolver Digital and is expected to release for PC this Spring.

Source: Kickstarter

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