SimCity Sells a Bundle Despite Launch Woes


EA shifts over 1.1 million copies of SimCity in two weeks.

At this point, I think it’s fair to say that the SimCity launch has not gone smoothly. Over the past two weeks, the release has gone from “botched” to a horrendous public relations black hole from which no hope can escape. Yet, despite the fact players couldn’t log in to the game for the first few days and a number of statements from publisher, EA, that later turned out to be false, the game has been selling. Oh boy, has it been selling.

According to EA, SimCity has become the franchise’s biggest launch, with over 1.1 million copies sold in the two weeks since the game’s release. It’s also a minor triumph for online distribution. The majority of players – 54% to be exact – bought digital copies of the game, with 44% of total sales coming from EA’s digital distribution platform, Origin.

Earlier this week, EA announced it will be giving out free PC games to disgruntled customers unsatisfied with their SimCity purchase. On the bright side, if those 1.1 million players all choose a copy of Visceral’s Dead Space 3, the beleaguered shooter just might come close to reaching the ludicrous five million sales figure that EA says it needs to continue the series.

Source: EA

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