It’s the most obvious corporate partnership ever – buy some toothpaste and get free SimCity DLC!

Wait a minute. This isn’t an obvious partnership at all. In fact, it makes no sense whatsoever. Free DLC with the purchase of qualifying dental hygiene products? Has Crest become the Mountain Dew of toothpaste? Is Oral B the hippest toothbrush in town? I don’t get it.

I suppose I should explain. Gamers in the U.S. who purchase a specially-marked Crest or Oral B product will receive a code for the SimCity “Attractions Set,” a a collection of five in-game tourist destinations: the Giant Garden Gnome, Dolly the Dinosaur, Llarry the Llama, MaxisMan Statue and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. The attractions draw all three wealth classes of tourists to your city and also adds happiness to your low-wealth Sims.

But the best news of all is that Crest has also confirmed the release of SimCity on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! It’s right there, on the website – shots of both consoles (and nary a PC in sight, by the way) with copies of the game boxes right beside them!

Wait a minute. Those are PC logos on the boxes. Now I’m really confused. Buy toothpaste to get giant garden gnome DLC for a game that doesn’t run on the systems prominently displayed on the promotional website?

Eh, I suppose it’s better for you than endless bags of Doritos. Just a pity it doesn’t come in Cool Ranch flavor. Cool Ranch flavored toothpaste with free DLC. Mmmmmmm.

You can fulfill all your oral hygiene-related non-console DLC needs at

UPDATE: I can’t believe I missed it (and thanks to Andy Shandy for bringing it to our attention) but Crest is offering more than just SimCity codes – you can also redeem codes for exciting new content for EA’s hot Facebook game The Sims Social!

That’s right, The Sims Social. Which EA is closing down in June. So maybe, you know, you might want to get on that with some haste.

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