Ritual leaves SiN Episodes on hiatus.

Less than a week after announcing its acquisition by MumboJumbo, Ritual Entertainment confirms that its SiN franchise is being shelved for the time being.

On fansite Ritualistic, famous level designer Richard “LevelLord” Gray commented on both the recent sale to MumboJumbo and the future of SiN Episodes.

Concerning the merger with MumboJumbo, Gray said, “The thought of entering the small games market was not sudden. We started to work on those projects with MumboJumbo and got really turned on. I mean, it was electric! As we progressed, our excitement was coupled with MumboJumbo’s amazement with what we were doing. Both companies saw what a great fit a merger would be, and we jumped on it.”

When asked about SiN sales and the series, “LevelLord” said, “The first episode did well, but not good enough to completely self-fund the second episode. It sold over 150,000 units, which is better than many shooters. It more than paid for itself, but not enough to entirely fund the next one. We did continue with Episode 2, but we had to stop a few months ago due to a funding problem. Making games is fun, but it isn’t easy, especially for an independent developer!”

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