Six Games. Sixteen Days. One Kickstarter.


Dice Hate Me Games is going down the rabbit hole on this one.

Late last year, Dice Hate Me Games put out a call for submissions and a challenge: Make them engrossing 54-card games. They wanted to add them to their “rabbit” line of games – small card games in a small box. They got over a hundred entries – many of them worthy of the prize. Eventually, they settled on four. Then added a couple more card games they wanted to publish.

Thus this Kickstarter: Six card games at once funding via one Kickstarter. It’s interesting because not only do the games look like a hell of a lot of fun, but because it’s an interesting workaround to the Kickstarter “problem.” See, Kickstarter doesn’t like you to run a bunch of campaigns at once, but Dice Hate me is doing six at once via one campaign.

It’s a really interesting inversion of the usual game publisher to Kickstarter relationship – and probably great for the consumer. Six card games for $50 is below the usual going rate for card games at about $10 each, and going from the quality of past Dice Hate Me games, we’d guess this one might be worth supporting.

The Kickstarter page is right here.

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