Skyrim Fan Film Brings the Dragonborn to YouTube


Shannon Clawson’s Skyrim: Journey’s End couples quality props with the freezing cold elements to bring Skyrim to life.

Sometimes you just want to dress up like the Dragonborn and make a movie. At least that’s Shannon Clawson did. A cosplayer and prop builder who previously garnered some attention for his custom steel replica of a Nordic helmet from Skyrim, Clawson collected his homemade props, gathered up some friends and ventured out into the freezing cold to create a short film chronicling the draugr slaying escapades of one Dovahkiin.

The video, entitled Skyrim: Journey’s End, runs a little over four minutes in length and begins with a woodcutter off in the forest practicing his profession. As anyone who watched the first five minutes of Game of Thrones can attest however, spooky things tend to be afoot in isolated snowy woodlands. Cue our friend Dovahkiin who busts onto the scene with some sword swinging and Fus-Ro-Dah-ing to clear out the baddies and save the day. There’s even an arrow to the knee for good measure.

All in all, despite some minor quibbles (the fighting is rather bloodless) we think Clawson and company did a good job putting this together. The props looks nice, the effects aren’t half bad and the scenery and sounds do a good job of emulating the feel and tone of Skyrim. Granted, the video ignores some of the other popular and less violent activities you can pursue in Skyrim, but somehow we think a video of the Dragonborn running around and catching butterflies might have been less credible than this.

Source: YouTube

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