Shirley Curry, Skyrim

A new Skyrim mod will let you bring the gaming grandma herself, Shirley Curry, on the road as a faithful companion. The mod, simply titled “Shirley,” was teased late December in a quick trailer that debuted some of Curry’s voice acting chops. The trailer gives us a reminder of Curry’s welcoming gameplay sessions as well as a quick look at what having the gaming grandma as a companion could be like.

Check out a sneak peek below.

“You’ve followed her for four years. Now she’ll follow you,” the footage reads. Curry has been playing Skyrim for her fans for quite some time, warming the hearts of gamers everywhere. Now, with this mod she has been given the opportunity to be directly involved with those who watch her content.

The developers have confirmed that the gaming grandma is voicing special dialogue in order to keep the experience as dynamic as possible: “We could have just done a mod where she said all the standard lines, but that’s not what she or we wanted. She already has a good amount of unique commentary on locations and situations, and initial updates will primarily focus on expanding that commentary.”

The Shirley mod won’t be completely integrated into the game — she won’t be able to read every single book, for example — but the team is doing what it can to make her inclusion feel as natural as possible. In fact, the developers even promise to try and fix the character’s face to better match Curry’s appearance.

Expect Shirley to release early this year for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition on Nexus Mods for PC. The developer is also aiming to release the mod for Xbox One owners down the line.

In April of last year, Gameumentary explored Curry’s life and how she used an unexpected medium to impact the masses. Check out their documentary below.

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