Sleep-mailing : Fact or Fiction?


The University of Toledo is studying the unusual case of a woman who sends emails in her sleep.

The woman, still unnamed, went to bed around 10pm, got up two hours later and composed three e-mails. Each was written in an unusual style mixing lower and upper case letters.

When the woman was confronted by the emails in the morning, she was mortified. The emails which ranged from

What the…..


Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks,,. Bring wine and caviar only.

were a mystery to her.

Whilst she has no history of sonambulism, she was known to be taking Zolpidem at the time, which is known to have brain-function altering side effects.

The jury’s still out on this one I’m afraid, as complex behavioral patterns such as turning on your computer, waiting for it to boot, remembering passwords and correcting are rarely reported in cases of sleep walking. However, I think that most of us here have had very lucid dreams about games in one form or another. Next time you log on, check your last Achievement, and whether you were awake at that time.

Source: Daily Telegraph, ABC news.


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