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PlayStation Plus members can soon infiltrate triads without risking their lives or paying a dime.

Sleeping Dogs was a surprise hit during a year packed with high-quality games. Originally planned as a True Crime sequel, the game put players in the shoes of an undercover police officer infiltrating Hong Kong triads, trying to balance the conflicting loyalties of both worlds. After its initial cancellation, Sleeping Dogs was picked up and published by Square Enix, receiving largely positive reviews and multiple DLC expansions along the way. For PlayStation owners who missed out at launch, the game will be featured on next week’s PlayStation Plus line-up, allowing all members to download it free of charge starting May 7th.

Sleeping Dogs wasn’t exactly an original game, borrowing features like Grand Theft Auto‘s open world, Arkham City‘s freeform combat, and even RPG skill trees. That said, these elements managed to fit together quite nicely, while the story and Hong Kong setting were well crafted. There’s also no shortage of activities and side quests to take part in, including races, martial arts competitions, police investigations, and even going on dates.

The upcoming Plus line-up also includes sidescroller Knytt Underground and fighting game BlazBlue: Contiuum Shift Extend for the PS3 and Vita. PS3 owners can snatch up Pinball Arcade, which compiles the Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Black Hole, and Theater of Magic pinball tables. If you don’t happen to have a PlayStation Plus membership, 3 month subscriptions are priced at $17.99 in the PlayStation Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog, via Joystiq

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