Sleeping Dogs Sequel: Triad Wars, is Free-to-Play, PC Only


Triad Wars is an open-world action strategy game where players compete against each other to create a criminal empire.

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has today revealed its follow up to the sleeper hit (no pun intended), entitled Triad Wars, which is, as predicted, an online, open-world, free-to-play, PC-only title.

The developers describe Triad Wars as the “flip side to Sleeping Dogs“; while Sleeping Dogs took you on a ride through the criminal underworld via protagonist Wei Shen, Triad Wars will be all about how that underworld was built. The reveal trailer you’ll see to the right features multiple devs talking about the game, and shows plenty of work-in-progress footage. From the looks of things, the core game, that is, the running, shooting, and driving, seem to be very similar to how Sleeping Dogs was handled.

Players will be able to build bases, control turf, and run rackets (such as money laundering), all the while defending themselves from rival gangs, which are controlled by other human players. The devs say it will be based on a version of Hong Kong, but just how many players will be fighting over each “Hong Kong” remains to be seen.

“Whether you choose to excel in extortion, hacking, money laundering, stolen cars, or even just good ol’ fashioned violence is strictly situational and will be representational of your playstyle. It’s your city to claim, and how you do it is entirely up to you,” explains the game’s about page.

If this has piqued your interest at all, you can actually sign up for the Triad Wars closed beta right now on its official website.

Square Enix, which published Sleeping Dogs and next month’s upcoming HD re-release: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, will once again be involved.

Source: United Front Games

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