SMITE Adds Co-op RPG Dungeon Mode with Trials of King Hercules Adventure


If you always thought SMITE felt like some MMOs, you’re going to love its new cooperative RPG Dungeon mode.

SMITE has always been a bit of an outlier among MOBAs, largely due to its third-person camera and MMO-like control system. Hi-Rez is releasing a new game mode today that embraces that uniqueness and lets you play cooperative RPG dungeons with your friends.

“The Trials of King Hercules” plays much like a dungeon in your favorite MMO. You and two friends team up to take on a PvE dungeon that’s available to any level player. You’ll be able to use any of SMITE‘s over 70 gods, and your progress will be saved across all gods, and any items you acquire are usable on any god you choose.

The adventure starts in a town hub where you can acquire quests, which offer rewards for completion. You can also purchase other buffs and equipment using the gold you’ve earned in the dungeon. Advance far enough, and you’ll unlock hard mode, which will allow you to go toe-to-toe with the Lernaean Hydra in the mode’s final boss fight.

Alongside the launch of this free content, Hi-Rez will also be offering a new Adventure Bundle that includes a limited Vanguard Hercules skin, a dungeon stamp, frame, and theme, and a Gold Key. That key can be used to unlock another limited skin in the Gold Vault. You can see those skins here.

The new update launches today, so you can grab a couple of friends and jump right in. You can find more information on “The Trials of King Hercules” over on the official SMITE website.

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