SNK’s Going Old School On The PSP

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It’s time to get your retro game on.

SNK Playmore’s got a pretty substantial catalog of games, based on the company’s extensive history in the videogame industry. The game publisher has announced a new PSP compilation game that’s due to hit Japan on April 21. However, as opposed to previous compliations, the folks at SNK Playmore including games from the publisher’s earlier days, even before the Neo Geo arcade games were released.

The compilation SNK Arcade Classics 0 will feature the following games:

? Ikari Warriors (1986)
? Dogosoken (1986)
? Ikari III: The Rescue (overseas version) (1989)
? Athena (1986)
? Psycho Soldier (1987)
? Sasuke vs. Commander (1980)
? TANK (1985)
? ASO (1985)
? Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (1989)
? Bermuda Triangle (1987)
? Vanguard 2 (1984)
? HAL 21 (1985)
? Marvin’s Maze (1983)
? Guerrilla War (1987)
? P.O.W. (1988)
? Street Smart (1989)
? SAR Search and Rescue (1989)
? Touchdown Fever (1987)
? Gold Medalist (1988)
? Super Championship Baseball (overseas version) (1989)

At the moment, the game’s only been announced for Japan, though Joystiq points out that the ESRB has had the title listed since late 2009. While there isn’t any official plans to bring the compilation to the West, the ESRB at least promises a possibility that gamers out here might get a crack at the game later on.

Source: Andriasang via Joystiq

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