So You Want A Cape…

So You Want A Cape…
Written by Sherry “Trai” Carty, 09/17/2004

Step One
Get yourself to City Hall in Atlas Park. That’s the building with the huge crowd of people.. you know, the one under the giant guy holding the globe! Go inside the building and talk to the first woman that you see who is not wearing tights, a.k.a. the City Representative.

She’s going to tell you to learn all about Hero One if you want your cape. To start your learning process you’re going to be sent to a few people whose lives were impacted by Hero One.

Step Two
Visit the following places and people:
1) Paco Sanchez of Galaxy City. He’s very close to the Train so don’t run too far or you’ll pass him.
2) Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard of Skyway. She is somewhat close to the King’s Row gate.
3) Justin Greene of Independence Port. He is on the street in the far Northwest corner of this area.

Justin will assign you a mission.

Step Three
“Defeat all the Villains in memorial” mission.

The mission’s location is random. (At level 21, it was in Talos. Level 29, Skyway City. Level 34, Brickstown. Level 33, The Hollows. Etc.)

More importantly, this mission is hard! I’m not sure if it’s just the bug with the swords or if there is another bug with the way mission’s scale. (I’m leaning towards a combination of both as all my missions with only one to two people had spawns of typically 16-30 villains each yesterday. Further, all of the villains would defend one another even when you were attacking villains that were far away from them and which they were not looking at upon your attack.)

The missions are full of The Lost which have obviously picked up some Rikti type mutagens as The Lost not only often look like Rikti, they also often have Rikti titles. As a blaster, I was dying in two hits to The Lost bosses. As a controller, I was dying in one hit to The Lost bosses. So be careful.

Also, as mentioned above, the spawns are going to start out entirely too thick even for groups with just two people. Spawns of 16 or more Rikti/Lost are not uncommon and to make matters more intense, there are Portals. If you’ve never seen a portal, this is what a Rikti/Lost portal looks like:


Like other portals, these things spawn creatures non-stop. So if you see a portal, kill it as soon as possible. (The first time we encountered a portal in this Cape Mission, I was grouped with one other person and the portal was sitting in an middle of the initial spawn of 16 Rikti/Lost. We, grav/rad controller & fire/fire blaster, both died trying to kill it. When we returned from the hospital, there were approximately 25 Rikti/Lost standing around the portal.)

Occasionally, while you’re going through the mission, you may find a few new “airlock” style doors. (Well, I’m assuming they’re new as I’ve never seen them before.) The first double click will usually open into an empty airlock. The second double click often opens into a group of foul tempered villains who are very willing to make you realize you’re unwelcome here. So ask a Superspeedster to double click and run away!

image image

Eventually, you’ll come upon Rikti/Lost guarding a box that is called a Time Capsule. The Time Capsule has a health bar but you cannot accidentally injure it. However, Rikti/Lost can kill the Time Capsule and once you start attacking them, they’re going to start injuring it. So kill the Rikti/Lost before they kill the Time Capsule.

Once all the Rikti/Lost in the mission are dead, proceed to Step Four.

Step Four
Return to Atlas Park and speak with the City Representative. She’ll grant you access to obtain a Cape from an Icon Tailor.

Step Five
Visit the Icon Store nearest you. (NW corner of Steel Canyon or near the Kings Row gate in Independence Port.)

You can select preferred cape length (Short or Long), mantle style (Full, Half, or Asymmetrical), pattern preferences (very large range of patterns) for both front and back!

At an additional cost, you can also add a brooch and select your preferred style for that also.

Oh… couple of notes: the cape is attached to the costume that you select to attach it to. Not to all of them. Though I’m sure you could have a cape on each costume you’ve earned. The cost is about 30,000 influence for a cape without a clasp and 50,000 influence with one.

Step Five
Show off your new cape as you help others obtain their new capes!

Or submit a screenshot!

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