Someone Is Actually Making a Minesweeper Adventure Game


Veteran adventure game studio Revolution Software is creating an adventure game based on Minesweeper. Yes, that Minesweeper.

This one gets filed under “Wait, what?”: When G4TV blogger Patrick Klepek spoke with Martin de Ronde, co-founder of the charity OneBigGame, he apparently wasn’t expecting the guy to informally announce – of all things – an adventure game in development based on classic Windows freeware timewaster Minesweeper.

The title is in development by the adventure game veterans at UK-based Revolution Software – best known for titles like Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword – and helmed by respected adventure designer Charles Cecil. Cecil has been hard at work on the project already, says de Ronde:

“[Cecil has] come up with a back story for as to why the mines are there, he’s come up with characters … It’s turning out to be a really, really cool game in terms of mechanics and also in terms of the setting and the universe…”

What? The setting and the universe? It’s a freeware game where you click on little boxes to uncover numbers to plant flags on mines! Is the little smiley face guy going to be the lead character here? Does he put on his sunglasses at the end like he’s David freakin’ Caruso in CSI Miami? Though, to be fair, I guess if the College Humor guys could do it, it isn’t that unbelievable. The real question, though, is whether any of us could ever hope to actually take this thing seriously.

(Thanks, Mr LS!)

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