Two sets of heroes meet two sets of villains, and lots of stuff blows up.

We’re still about two weeks out from Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s release (Feb. 15th here in North America, the 18th in Europe), but some generous soul has released the game’s intro cinematic and posted it onto YouTube. The audio is a bit scratchy at points, but there’s little doubt that this is the real deal.

And oh, what a real deal it is. We’ve got the SHIELD helicarrier in flames over New York City. We’ve got Spider-Man and Nathan Spencer (of Bionic Commando fame) swinging from enemy fighters, Storm zapping the fighters with lightning, She-Hulk hurling them around, and Chun-Li and Zero just kind of generally looking cool.

Mike Haggar and Felicia try to save some of his “Haggar for NYC Mayor” billboards, and frankly I’d vote for a man who looked like he could crush my head with his bare hands. Thor matches elemental powers against somebody (Super Skrull? Help me out here, Marvel-ites), and the likes of Doctor Doom and Magneto clash with Jean-Grey-as-Phoenix and the World Warrior, Ryu.

Frankly, it looks incredible. I’m super psyched for MvC3, and this trailer isn’t doing much to convince me otherwise.

For all the awesome action, though, the Mike Haggar/Felicia section stands out for me as the most memorable – if only because it’s kind of hilarious.

(via VG247)

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