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Songs of Glimmerwick is a dreamy narrative RPG from Eastshade Studios, and it’s coming to PC and consoles in Q3 2023. The game’s reveal trailer is permeated with whimsy, offering to simply give players a dense world to live in where music makes magic. It’s not all storybook adventure, though, as Eastshade says RPG quests focused on character and story will keep you engaged as each outing unfolds. Take your first step into magic school at Songs of Glimmerwick in the trailer below.

The entire adventure offers fully voiced dialogue, customizable looks, exploration, skill trees, and so much more. Here’s a synopsis of what to expect from Songs of Glimmerwick:

The land of Glimmerwick is well known for its university of magic – and as luck would have it, you’re already enrolled! In this woodland fantasy world playing music is the secret to casting spells. Ancient songs make garden work a breeze, and they’re also key to exploring every corner of the island. With your trusty flute and songbook at your side you’ll attend classes and join after school clubs, make friends with classmates and townsfolk, and uncover Glimmerwick’s many oddities and mysteries – all while enjoying a year of seasons, festivals, curses, and witchy hijinks in this peaceful, story-driven RPG.

Eastshade has gone to great lengths to ensure players have a sense of place when picking up Songs of Glimmerwick. One example of world-building involves the University Garden, which allows players to plant everything from regular old greenery to mystical, unheard-of plants. At the same time, music gives players the ability to communicate with the world around them with a variety of tunes. And while it is an RPG, it will notably not feature combat. This is evidently not a life-and-death Harry Potter situation. Stay tuned for more on this new magical adventure.

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