Sonic Boom Cartoon Series Debut Date Revealed


Newest animated series for speedy Sega mascot gets a November premiere date

We already knew that Sonic Boom, Sega’s latest reboot/overhaul of the enduring Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, was getting a tie-in cartoon series. Now, we know when you’ll get to see it.

At an October 4th fan event in New York City, Sega unveiled both new trailers for the Sonic Boom games and a November 8th premiere date for the series, which is set to air on Cartoon Network in the U.S. In addition, the was a new teaser for the series offering (among other things) a bigger look at the personality of Sticks the Badger, a new female character created for the Boom series.

Produced by French animation studio OuiDO (who are also behind the upcoming Alvin & The Chipmunks series), Sonic Boom will actually take place in the aftermath of the games; wherein Sonic and friends find themselves battling ancient evil on a mysterious jungle island. The series will have an episodic, 11-minute “vignette” structure, which supervisor Takashi Iizuka previously told Polygon is part of an overall effort to make Sonic more appealing to Western audiences.

Sonic Boom will debut November 8 on Cartoon Network.

Source: Sonic The Hedgehog (YouTube)


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