Sony Accidentally Reveals Four New Games


While unveiling upgrades to their new cross platform engine, Sony specifically mentioned four unheard of games.

The four games were mentioned as Sony was explaining some of PhyreEngine 2.40’s new features and how the four games incorporated them. The games mentioned include a puzzle/platforming PSN title, Topatoi, developed by Boolat Games that involves a spaceship that spins and moves like a top and an unnamed title from Australian developer Big Ant Studios whose previous work includes some of the later Spyro games.

The other two games mentioned included: “… third person action game Strength of the Sword from Invent Studios, and finally, The 7th Seal by Paul Cuisset’s (of Flashback fame and Shaq Fu notoriety) studio VectorCell.” Not much information is available on these two games at the moment, though with GDC going on that could change quickly.

The PhyreEngine upgrade includes features that increase the system’s ability to render foliage, allowing for more detailed and realistic plant life such as grass and trees. The tech was seen most recently in Sony’s visually impressive Flower. While none of these games look like they’ll be battling with Kratos for PS3 owner’s attention, it’s a nice change of pace having a little mystery in a world where news sites, blogs, and Twitter accounts strangle every last drop of info out of everything.


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