It’s no secret that the PS3 version of Bayonetta doesn’t match up to its sister on the Xbox 360, but Sony and the developers are trying to give it a facelift before its launch in the West.

Back in September, we first heard reports that Platinum Games’ stylish actionfest Bayonetta wasn’t quite up to muster on the PS3 – at least, not in comparison to the 360 version. Platinum’s CEO Tatsuya Minami explained the issues, saying that Platinum had created the game for the Xbox 360 and handed the task of porting it to the PS3 to Sega, the game’s publisher. In other words, it was Sega’s responsibility to make Bayonetta on the PS3 “the best it could be.”

Unfortunately, once the game was released in Japan, it turned out that “the best it could be” on the PS3 apparently wasn’t very good, as the same problems seen pre-launch – muddier graphics, lower framerates, and longer loading times – were present in the final version.

While the game might be out in Japan, it hasn’t been released in the States yet, giving Sega and Platinum a chance to redeem themselves in front of the Western PS3 audience – and apparently, the two companies have called in aid from PS3 maker Sony itself to get the job done right. According to French game site Gamekyo (and translated by wearetheinternetz), “Sega and Platinum Games have taken responsibility for the bad port before deciding to work with the assistance of an engineering team from Sony to guarantee a PS3 version equal to the level of the console’s power.”

Well gee golly whilikers, I guess they’re making it better than the best it could be, then!

In all seriousness, one can only hope that between the three companies, somebody will figure out how to get the game to run up to speed on the PS3 before it hits North America and Europe in early January (the 5th and the 8th, respectively). By all accounts, Bayonetta is shaping up to be an exceptional action title earning its share of perfect scores, and it’d be a real shame if PS3 owners missed out on the authentic experience.

(Via Destructoid)

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