Sony: Apple is Way More Arrogant Than Us


Sony says it’s not arrogant anymore and that it’s time to attack Apple for its ego instead.

When Sony launched the PlayStation 3, the company had a pretty big head. It was telling everyone that they should be happy to buy the system at $600, and if you didn’t get the weird advertisements Sony was using you just weren’t hip enough, man. Now, Sony wants to paint Apple as the company with the most balloon-like head.

In an interview with the Brisbane Times, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia’s managing director Michael Ephraim said: “I don’t think we are arrogant anymore. I think we can name a company that is a fruit that is in the news a lot about their arrogance, I think they have taken the mantle from us, if we were ever arrogant!”

He’s obviously referring to Fruit of the Loom, which is known for being a total ass about selling underwear lately. Or, it could be Apple, the billion-dollar company that makes products everybody buys, then hates for lack of certain functionalities, but keeps buying anyway.

Despite Sony’s Pete Dille admitting the company had an arrogance problem, Ephraim continued to say: “I don’t think we were arrogant. We know there are a lot of challenges in this space, especially with 3D across the entire Sony group. There’s no company that can deliver that like we can.” You can’t blame him for his arrogant-sounding confidence.

If Sony had remained arrogant, it probably wouldn’t be having the measure of success it’s having now. I guess going from first to last place, technically, will do that to a company. So look, gamers, Sony knows it messed up, kind of. They’re got Kevin Butler now, and it’s time to lay off. According to Sony, if you want to hate a company, go hate Apple.

Via: CVG

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