Sony Bundling PSP Go With Rock Band Unplugged?


Best Buy is listing the PSP Go as coming packaged with a voucher for Rock Band Unplugged, something which could potentially take some of the sting out of the handheld’s hefty price tag.

The PSP Go doesn’t exactly have a value-minded price tag. For Sony, that could be because it has a “premium” quality attached to it, being a brand new product, and requires a “premium” price. Whether you buy that or not, if you want a PSP Go, be prepared to fork over some dough, but don’t completely expect to just be paying for a new handheld. If this Best Buy listing is accurate, the system won’t be packaged alone – it’ll come with a copy of Rock Band Unplugged.

“Includes PSPgo system, USB cable, AC adapter and Rock Band Unplugged voucher,” Best Buy’s listing says. Naturally, it’s a voucher to download the game and not a copy of the game itself, since the PSP Go is kinda, you know, all about being all digital and thus doesn’t have a drive for physical media.

With Rock Band Unplugged currently retailing for around 30 bucks, this could make the PSP Go a $220 value, give or take (and if you actually want Rock Band Unplugged), and maybe a bit easier for your wallet to swallow.

GameSpot notes that the Unplugged listing only appears on the Best Buy site and not Amazon or GameStop, so this could be a retailer-exclusive deal, but I think it’d be in Sony’s best interest to bundle something in with the machine, wherever it’s sold.

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