sony preimum sound SD card

And if you believe that, I’ve got some snake oil to sell you…

Sony has a wee bit of a reputation for misleading, or even contradictory advertising, but this time it has gone full Monster HDMI cable, claiming that a super pricey micro SDXC card produces “less electrical noise” when listening to music than its cheaper counterparts.

The company is now selling a 64 GB Micro SDXC card “for Premium Sound” in Japan, for a whopping $160. This price is four to five times higher than any other 64 GB Micro SDXC on the market.

“We aren’t that sure about the product’s potential demand, but we thought some among people who are committed to great sound quality would want it,” a Sony spokeswoman said.

Writers at PC perspective and The Register have pointed out that it is impossible for music’s storage medium to effect the quality of sound without actually changing the actual data being transferred – a process that would be a much bigger problem for all kinds of applications.

The whole thing is certainly reminiscent of the “premium” HDMI cable craze we went through a few years ago, where companies claimed that super expensive gold-plated cables produce better video than the bog-standard $5 generic brand (hint: they don’t).

But hey, if you wanna drop an extra $100 for a perceived quality increase, go for it!

Source: PC World

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