Sony Confirms Japanese God of War Trilogy, Colossus Re-release


Guess what? The Shadow of the Colossus re-release is real, as is God of War Trilogy, and God of War III will hit Japanese shelves on March 25th – and reportedly, so will Gran Turismo 5.

Somebody at Sony Japan has been busy today. The software giant went on the warpath – possibly to take some of the wind out of Microsoft’s CES announcements – confirming several rumors: First, the rumored Shadow of the Colossus re-release is real, though it will still only be on the PS2 (and backwards-compatible PS3s) instead of being upscaled to full glorious HD like the God of War Collection. On the bright side, it’ll only be 1,800 ($20) when it comes out on February 4th – and if it’s coming out in Japan, odds are it might be coming out again here, too.

Speaking of God of War, Sony also narrowed down God of War III‘s release window from just “March.” While there was no announcement made about the Western release, GoW3 now has a Japanese release date of March 25th, and you bet that means it’ll be coming out sooner than that in the States and Europe. Or at the very least, it won’t be coming out later. This seems interesting, though, given that if GoW3 comes out too early in March, it runs right up against another PS3 system-seller, Final Fantasy XIII. Then again, the two titles may well have completely different target audiences, so perhaps it’s not as much as a problem as it would seem at first glance.

Sony further confirmed a Japanese release of the special edition of GoW3, God of War Trilogy – which, as the title suggests, will include last year’s God of War Collection alongside the brand new game. Interestingly enough, Capcom will be handling the publishing in Japan, not Sony. Your guess is as good as mine there.

And finally, an online Japanese retailer called Geostore briefly listed Gran Turismo 5 as coming out on the same day as God of War: That is to say, March 25th. While the listing was hastily pulled down and there’s no official Sony word (unlike the rest of these), the same site had also leaked information about the SotC re-release and the Japanese God of War releases – the same information that was confirmed true today. So, our Japanese readers can start looking for the hotly-anticipated racing game to hit shelves on March 25th, while the rest of you in the West need to wait a bit longer.

Phew. Lots of cool info there. Enough to beat what’s coming out of CES? Your call on that.

(Via Siliconera)

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