Sony Could Tweak Move Accuracy, But Won’t


Move has more precision than most developers need, says Sony.

Sony’s new motion controller, the PlayStation Move, could apparently get a lot more accurate, but software engineer, Move designer, and Kinect lightsaber basher, Anton Mikhailov says that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Mikhailov said that while there had been a few issues that Sony had needed to fix, there was no pressing need to adjust or increase the accuracy of the Move controller. He said that no studios developing Move games were asking Sony to make the controller more precise, and that most games actually didn’t require the kind of precision that Move could already provide. In a lot of case, the problem, he said, wasn’t that the controller wasn’t accurate enough, it was that the player wasn’t accurate enough.

He used the table tennis section of Sport’s Champions as an example, and specifically the expert difficulty, which removes all assists and forces the player to be incredibly accurate – something that Move had no problem handling. “At that point you’re thinking, ‘well, how much more precise does it need to be?'” he said. “We need to decide. There’s room for some more precision. It’s going to be up to us.”

It’s actually probably a good thing that Sony isn’t planning to up the precision on Move, as it doesn’t take much to go from “just right” to “too sensitive.” Detecting the tiniest twitch would be kind of impressive from a hardware point of view, but it doesn’t sound like it would make for a particularly fun gameplay experience.

Source: Eurogamer

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