Sony is about to kick off a massive Uncharted 3 media blitz, and the first salvo comes in the form of a 30-second TV ad.

According to the official PlayStation blog, this ad is set to “officially” debut tonight during the Packers/Saints football game, but this being the internet, we don’t take too kindly to words like “official,” “schedule” or “2011 NFL Season Opener.”

Thus, the company has deigned to offer up the commercial in handy embedded video form. It may be a cynical stab at catching the eyeballs of gamers who wouldn’t otherwise tune in to watch millionaires collect concussions like Ash Ketchum nabs Pidgeottos, but either way, we’ve got an early look at what Sony claims is an ad “created 100% from in-game footage.”

It should surprise no one that the game itself looks utterly gorgeous, or that the action set pieces rival major Hollywood efforts, but what I do find interesting is that nowhere in that footage do we get a good look at Nathan Drake sporting, what the French certainly do not call, “wet couture.”

Granted, there’s a moment where the protagonist is running through a flooding hallway, and presumably his clothing must be a bit moist at that point, but the ad completely fails to offer prospective fans a convincing, extended look at the game’s wet fabric physics.

I don’t know about you, but if this game doesn’t include at least an hour of meticulously rendered soggy denim, I just can’t take it seriously as a proper Uncharted sequel.

On a tangentially related note, we here at The Escapist are still holding out hope that the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film adaptation will go to Nathan Fillion.

Despite his humble protests, Fillion just seems like a man who you could trust to properly fill a pair of damp khakis.


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