Sony Gives up on ‘Arrogant’ Ads


SCEA’s head of marketing Peter Dille has said that Sony has given up on the cryptic ads of the past.

Sony’s marketing of the PS3 has had its ups and downs, to the point that even the head of marketing for SCEA Peter Dille admits that Sony’s early efforts were a little baffling. Speaking at the MI6 marketing conference, Dille said that Sony struggled to communicate the value of the PS3, and that efforts to seem intriguing and mysterious came off as intimidating and arrogant.

Dille says that that is a thing of the past now, however, in favour of the much more enagaging, and entertaining Kevin Butler: “With our campaign now, we kind of knocked off all those obstacles,” he said. “The arrogance I think has gone away. We kind of gotten back to our mojo with the sense of humour that people came to know and love with early PlayStation advertising.”

“I think it’s just a more likable connection to the consumer. The campaign is working to drive hardware sales. You’re going to continue to see Kevin Butler highlighting new content that is hitting the platform. That will include PlayStation Move later this year and also 3D.”

Dille added that sales of the PS3 rose 184% after the introduction of the new campaign, which goes to show that being straightforward with your marketing can sometimes be the best policy.

Source: MCV

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