Sony Korea Sculpts Giant Sand PlayStation 3


Sony Computer Entertainment Korea showed up at the first-ever Korean Invitational World Sand Sculpting Championship in Donghae City to sculpt a giant PS3 and PSP out of sand. Why? Because they could.

Let’s hear it for things that are both completely pointless and yet somehow kind of awesome, shall we? I suppose if you’re Sony Korea and you’re just feeling kind of bored with nothing to do – other than wait on the announcement of the Slim PS3 so you can start promoting them – and you find out about a local sand sculpting contest… well, it makes perfect sense that you’d drive on down to enter, right?

Okay, maybe not. But sense or no, that’s what the folks from Sony Korea did. Yes, when you get down to it, this really is just an advertising/marketing stunt – though surprisingly for a Sony marketing idea, it remarkably avoids shooting itself in the foot – but it’s still kind of cool nonetheless.

The only thing that would have been cooler is if they’d made some little sand games and characters to go along with it. Like a sand Sackboy, a sand Ratchet & Clank, a sand Solid Snake – iconic characters that are heavily associated with the PlayStation brand.

And then Gabe Newell could refuse to build his sand Gordon Freeman anywhere near the damn thing.

(Via Siliconera)

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