Sony Online Bringing Dragon-Filled MMO to North America


Dragon’s Prophet, a free-to-play MMO from SOE and Runewaker Entertainment, is now accepting beta sign-ups.

Sony Online Entertainment, the publisher of quite a few notable MMOs, including the long-running EverQuest series, is teaming up with Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment to bring a new online game to North America. The free-to-play title, Dragon’s Prophet, features an action-based combat system, and as the title implies, dragons are pretty heavily featured in the gameplay.

Dragon’s Prophet is set in Auratia, “a world shaped by dragon-kind,” in which over 300 kinds of dragons exist just waiting to be collected. “You can fight, capture, train and ride them in order to utilize and build upon their unique skills and abilities to aid your cause,” the press release continues, making it sound kind of like Pokemon with giant dragons (not that that’s a bad thing). There’s also an “extensive housing system” that allows players to built towns, cities, and ultimately kingdoms of their own.

The free-to-play MMO will be developed by Runewaker, and published and digitally distributed by Sony Online Entertainment in North America. Dragon’s Prophet is set to begin beta within the next few months, and you can sign up now at the game’s website.

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