Sony PlayStation 5 website skips E3, E3 is irrelevant v. Sony State of Play streams, events

While we know that Sony’s next system will be called the PlayStation 5 and will release later this year, the Japanese tech giant hasn’t shown off what the gaming console will actually look like. Those hoping for an imminent PS5 reveal will be disappointed by the latest development, as Sony has launched a new website for the upcoming system — alongside a note saying that they aren’t ready to show it off just yet.

“We’ve begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we’re not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation,” says Sony on their new site. They go on to plug their email newsletter saying that players will “be among the first to receive updates as we announce them, including news on the PS5 release date, PS5 price and the upcoming roster of PS5 launch games.”

This move comes after Sony revealed that it will be skipping E3 2020 later this year. Many have been wondering when we would see the first glimpse of the next PlayStation, especially after Microsoft unveiled what the Xbox Series X will look like, but only the PS5 logo was shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year.

A reveal will have to come sooner rather than later as the system is currently set to release in the holiday season of 2020 (the same release window as Xbox Series X). The new website reconfirms the projected PlayStation 5 release date, so it’s still on track to release later this year.

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