Xbox Series X

A pair of images purporting to show off a prototype version of the retail Xbox Series X model have appeared online.

Spotted on Twitter and NeoGAF, the two images, if legitimate, depict the front and back of the device.

Nothing concrete can be gleaned from the images, as the device is a prototype and, as such, subject to change. Nevertheless, this version does feature three USB ports, as well as HDMI, S/PDIF, an ethernet port, as well as an unlabelled space that may be an SD card slot.

Meanwhile, the front image closely resembles the official render debuted by Microsoft at The Game Awards 2019. However, that does not guarantee validity, as demonstrated by YouTuber Etika’s infamous fake Nintendo Switch.

What is known about the Xbox Series X is that it will launch towards the end of 2020 and that Microsoft will not be launching it alongside any platform exclusives. Instead, for the first year or two of availability, all Microsoft’s first-party games will also be playable on the Xbox One, which Tyler Treese thinks will be a boon for players. More details about the technical specifications were also revealed shortly after Microsoft unveiled the new console, such as ray tracing support and an estimated 12 teraflops of processing power.

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