Sony says the PlayStation Move, the motion controller for the PS3 that’s due out later this year, is as much for hardcore gamers as it is for the casual crowd.

Everybody knows that motion controllers are for lightweights. The Wii may have popularized the concept but it never caught on with the core demographic, which for whatever reason has been reluctant to give up its controllers, keyboards and mice in favor of jumping up and down and flailing around like an electrified idiot. It’s a mystery, really. But Shuhei Yoshida, chief of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, says the Move is going to break those chains by appealing as much to the hardcore as it does to the casual.

“The precision of the Move system allows game designers to create games as simulations and games with much more depth than other motion-based game experiences,” he told Edge. “We are sure that hardcore gamers will appreciate and enjoy the challenge, with a much finer control over how they interact with the game and achieve greater success in those games.”

“It was very interesting to hear comments by a certain journalist who tried Sports Champions’ table tennis, who clearly enjoyed playing the game but complained about the lack of perceived one-to-one control at certain times,” he continued. “During the GDC event we were showing the game’s entry-level mode, which includes a lot of assists to ensure that everyone who plays the game for the first time can enjoy it. However, we plan to have in the final game a more simulation-based mode, which will allow expert users to really try out their skills. That promises to be a hardcore experience.”

That’s great, but I do have one question: If Sony is serious about bringing motion controls to the hardcore, why the hell is it talking about table tennis?

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