Sony Remastering God of War I and II for PS3


The first two God of War games are coming to the PS3 on a single Blu-Ray disc this holiday, and Sony’s dolling them up for their next-gen debut with remastered graphics and trophy support.

Let’s not jump to conclusions yet: God of War III looks pretty good, but it’s not a sure thing until it actually comes out. What is a sure thing, however, is that the first two games in the series are pretty damn spiffy – unless you’re one of those weirdos who hates God of War, that is. So while we’re waiting to see how God of War III turns out, there’s always God of War I and II.

No need to dust off the PS2, however. Sony is re-releasing the two games on the PS3, putting them on a single Blu-Ray and adding some special touches to bring them into this crazy modern HD world in which we live. Coming “this holiday season” for $39.99, the God of War Collection features both games, which, running at 720p, are now playable at 1280 x 720 resolution and feature new anti-aliased graphics that run at 60 frames per second.

In addition to all the visual polish, there’s also some minor stuff new on the gameplay front. The compilation will support PSN and trophies, which should provide PS3 owners with some incentive to play these games over again aside from the fact that Kratos’ pearly white skin looks even paler in HD.

“Our fans spoke and we listened; thanks to our partnership with Bluepoint Games, fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic God of War and God of War II saga in stunning 720p on PS3,” Scott Rodhe of Sony Worlwide Studios America said. “This Blu-ray Disc compilation brings Kratos to PS3 even earlier than expected.”

God of War III drops in March. The God of War Collection will be out for the holidays, the perfect stocking stuffer for those loved ones who crave the rush of ripping cyclopses’ eyes out of their sockets and stabbing Greek gods in the chest over and over again.

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