Sony Reminds Us: OMG! Girls (Sorry, Girlz) Play Games Too


Sony’s marketing department would like to remind everybody that Girlz Play Too. That is, they play gamez. On lilac, Hannah Montana-brand PSPz.

You know, sometimes I start to feel bad for the folks at Sony – like they get a bad rap. I think, “Hey, these guys brought us all the Team ICO games,” or maybe, “Sony brought us LittleBigPlanet and Flower,” and my heart softens.

And then Sony – or rather, Sony’s marketing department – just goes and does something so mind-blowingly silly that I just have to laugh. Remember “Squirrel, Please”? How about “All I Want For Christmas is a PSP”? Yeah, that sort of thing.

Sony’s latest apparent misstep is a website created to advertise their Hannah Montana-brand, “OMG Lilac!” PSP. Don’t forget everyone, “girlz play too!” The site goes on to list a few games – sorry, gamez – that the aforementioned girlz might enjoy playing: Patapon 2, LocoRoco 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Pangya, Hannah Montana, and – perhaps most fittingly – Petz.

The site lets aspiring girl gamerz customize their PSPz with patternz and stickerz, but unfortunately it isn’t like you can order actual physical copiez of your design. A shame, too – that might have been actually kind of interesting. There’s also a quiz that tells you what sort of game character you’re most like – apparently, I’m like the guyz from Patapon or something.

As pointed out on NeoGAF via Wired, it’s not even that awful of an ad campaign as it is… forced and horribly awkward. Like a parent trying to be hip to what his kids are into and just making them all very ashamed.

So no, it’s not bad. Just… uncomfortable. Very, very uncomfortable.

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