Sony Saving Its A-Game for E3


SCEA head honcho Jack Tretton says that what Sony showed at GDC was nothing compared what it will have for E3.

According to Jack Tretton, Sony’s show at GDC was “only the frosting on the cake” and the most delicious part is yet to come, saying: “I’m saving the batter for E3. We will absolutely bring the heat.”
Cake metaphors aside, Tretton hints that there will be plenty for Sony to be excited about.

One thing that Tretton wasn’t saving for E3 however was the confirmation of a Killzone 3: “We own Guerrilla [Games] and they did a great job on Killzone 1 and 2. I don’t know whether you’ll see announcements about it [at E3], but I can promise you a Killzone 3.”

Considering that Sony officially revealed its motion controller at GDC, which most people would consider to be a pretty big deal, whatever Sony has for E3 must be pretty special.

E3 takes place on June 14th-17th

Source: GT TV via VG247

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