At Sony’s recent NGP conference, it played a trailer that included more than 10 different games planned for the handheld.

A brief video filmed during Sony’s PSP2/NGP-revealing press conference is our first look at some of the games planned for release in the foreseeable future. Half we’ve seen before, while the other half are brand new.

As for the franchises we already know about, they include Hot Shots Golf: Next, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout, Resistance, Uncharted, and Hustler King. The differences in these titles for the NGP include features using the front touchscreen, rear touch-panel, and internal gyroscope. In Killzone, players can bring up an arm-mounted interface and use touch commands to change weapon settings or call in an ion cannon strike. In Uncharted, players use the touchscreen to clean the dust off ancient relics, and use the panel to climb vines. Hustler King allows you to use your finger to pull back a pool cue, while Wipeout will have players turning the system itself to steer.

The newer titles coming to the NGP also integrate the handheld’s abilities. Smart As is a puzzle game that has players tilting the system to move dice. Broken looks like a mystery game with players searching through a crime scene and dusting for fingerprints by touching the screen. Reality Fighters could be an augmented reality game, with Robot Chicken-esque action figures fighting in a real world environment. Gravity Daze features an acrobatic girl that flies through the air with the power of gravity, and what looks like the NGP’s gyroscope. Little Deviants is perhaps the neatest title shown, with players poking the rear touch-panel and having their touches actually poke the in-game world, creating hills to roll ball-shaped creatures around mini-golf styled environments.

Now that the Nintendo DS and iPhone have made touchscreen gaming part of the typical gamer’s consciousness, it’s nice to see it in action from Sony’s angle. The rear touch-panel in particular is something that I don’t think we could have predicted, but it makes a lot of sense considering hand position while using a portable system. Seeing its use in Little Deviants definitely gives it some potential.

Source: Joystiq

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