Sony is banking on the popularity of bikini-clad women to bring more attention to its 3DTV initiative.

The latest 3D content coming to the PlayStation Network isn’t exactly for the hardcore gamer, but it’ll likely still get lots of attention. Sony and Sports Illustrated have signed a deal to bring the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue to 3D television in February.

Sports Illustrated has been releasing an annual swimsuit issue featuring various popular models for decades. The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video to be released on the PlayStation Network will be the first time the series has taken to 3D.

On February 15, the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue will land in stores, and an accompanying 3D Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video will become available for sale or rent on the PlayStation Network. It’ll be accessed through the PlayStation 3 and through certain network-enabled Sony Bravia televisions and Blu-ray players. If you’re on the fence about whether or not a 3D video of swimsuit models appeals to you, there will be a three-minute sneak preview available for free.

As part of the partnership between Sony and Sports Illustrated, PS3 users will also be able to buy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit dynamic themes, and 2D Swimsuit video content will additionally be made available. With Sports Illustrated bragging that its Swimsuit issue has 60+ million fans worldwide, this could be a lucrative partnership for Sony, which hopes to get as many 3D televisions into public hands as possible.

Sony might technically be using boobs to popularize 3D here, but boobs are popular, so that’s life. All I know is, with barely clothed ladies coming to the PS3 in 3D, it’s a good time to not have a young male teenager in the house. Knock before entering.

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