Sony Trademarks “P. S. Thanks”


Sony has filed a trademark for “P. S. Thanks,” the name of a mysterious new incentive program for PlayStation owners.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which shows “P. S. Thanks” as being filed on July 31, describes it as “an incentive rewards program geared toward quantifying, identifying and motivating top consumer base with the goal of promotion and sale of videogame hardware and software.” Sony has not yet detailed what the program will be based on or what sort of rewards it will offer but an email to PlayStation Universe suggested it could be similar to previous programs like the PlayStation Underground or Gamer Advisory Panel.

“We have a long history of creating unique loyalty programs such as PlayStation Underground, which started with the original PlayStation and has evolved into the Gamer Advisory Panel,” the email said. “We continue to look for ways to expand this program and we are evaluating new naming conventions for this evolution, which is why we filed a trademark for ‘PlayStation Thanks’.”

Not exactly a wealth of information there, but we’ve reached out to Sony for more information and we’ll update with whatever comes up. In the meantime, let the wild guessing begin!

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