Be on the lookout, folks. Sony is out to capture gamers. In fact, according to them they’ve got all you hardcore types already, and now they’re looking to get your mom.

Speaking to VG247, Sony’s John Koller made the claim that the PlayStation 3’s success thus far shows that the company has successfully tapped into the hardcore audience. “We’ve captured the hardcore,” he said. “The install base we have now tells us that the hardcore’s purchased.”

Purchased? Frankly, I doubt hardcore gamers approve of being thought of as commodities to be bought, much less things to be captured. What are we, animals? Now that Sony’s caught us, are they going to throw us into the pen and parade us around and charge five bucks for a peek?

Regardless of whatever Koller exactly means or if he could’ve chosen a better word, he seems confident in his claims, and is now looking to “capture” another audience: the ever-elusive and fantastically lucrative beast known as “the casual gamer.”

“We’re moving on now to continue to support [hardcore gamers] with a tremendous line-up of games, but also look at softer brands that maybe we had with PS2 franchises we’re bringing over to PS3, or new IP,” Koller said, pointing to a “a line-up of very strong family-friendly titles that we’re looking at for PS3 in our continuing effort to appeal to that casual consumer.”

Any hints on what that could mean? Koller vaguely says to “think of some of the latter-half PS2 franchises.” Latter-half PS2 franchises that appeal to casual gamers, eh? Anyone got any ideas?

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