Sony Will To Replace Sixaxis Batteries


Commenting to, a spokesperson for Sony claimed that recharagable batteries for the PS3 are expected to last for “years” and when they do fail, Sony will offer a replacement service.

Sony, which is particularly sensitive to concerns regarding rechargable batteries following numerous recalls of Sony-made laptop batteries, has responded to concerns voiced by a GamesRadar story to The GamesRadar story suggested that without a replaceable battery, eventualy the controller would need to be replaced when the battery degraded.

Sony responded to the criticism by saying, “This is a purely speculative story and is largely untrue. The latest generation of Lithium Polymer batteries hardly suffer any memory effect at all, so it’ll be many years before there’s any degradation in terms of battery performance.”

The spokesperson went on to say, “When and if this happens, then of course we will be providing a service to exchange these items.”

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