Sony Worried About Move Shovelware


If you’re concerned that the PlayStation Move might herald the arrival of dozens of minigame collections, you’re not alone, because Sony is, too.

It’s not exactly a secret that Sony has taken a few lessons from the Wii for its motion control, and the similarities between the PlayStation Move and the Wii remote are causing some to worry that the PS3 might get flooded with low-quality, cash-in shovelware titles, including Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde.

“It’s obviously a concern, but we’ve taken advantage of the fact that it is a PS3. Sports Champions, for example, has been in development for a while. We’re not announcing it yet, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the scope that’s offered in that title … there’s a lot of long-term play value in there.”

Rohde also reaffirmed Sony’s commitment to its existing hardcore market, saying: “our heritage: we’re never going to compromise our core; great exclusive games. This is a new initiative to us. Some teams are looking into how they might incorporate motion control into some existing plans; others are totally focused on making the best sequels to the games we all love. It’s not something I’m worried about.”

The PlayStation Move will be launched later this year and will allegedly have twenty first party launch titles, as well as games from 36 third party developers.

Source: Next Gen

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