Halo, Installation 01, Soon Studios, beta

Installation 01 is a fan-made Halo game that aims to recreate the experience of the series’s past, and developer Soon Studios is teasing something big for the near future. The Installation 01 Twitter account sent out an ominous, 45-second teaser video overnight. The only thing featured in the video is the word “soon” along with some music and a quick flash of the words “no more” toward its end.

At the start of this year, Soon Studios put out a call for artists and coders to help the team push for “a goal promised in 2013” with Installation 01. With this tweet in mind and the almost seven-year buildup, many fans are wondering if maybe a beta announcement is imminent. If anything, the “no more” tease at the end of the video only makes things more complicated.

If a beta is on the horizon, 2020 might be a bigger year for Halo than fans previously thought considering Halo Infinite is already expected to come later this year.

Installation 01 started back in 2013 as nothing more than an attempt by one fan to bring some version of Halo to PC, but it ultimately snowballed into something much grander in scale.

The Gameumentary crew spoke with Soon Studios about Installation 01 and all of the work that has gone into the game thus far. This discussion resulted in Gameumentary’s documentary on the group, which was published just one year ago. Check out the footage in its entirety below.

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