Soul Calibur 5 Crotch Ad Debunked As Fake


The new Soul Calibur V ad showcasing Voldo’s nutty goodness is fake, but the one with Ivy’s breasts is still real (though who knows if those items are fake or not).

Namco Bandai recently managed to stir up a little bit of controversy (and a lot of sad head shaking) when it unveiled a new advertisement for Soul Calibur V that featured character Ivy’s huge … tracts of land on full display. After that ad, a new one surfaced that featured Voldo’s codpiece in all it’s painful glory; it turns out that this ad was actually fake.

Joystiq has figured out that the image of Voldo actually comes from a screenshot for Soul Calibur IV, which was released in 2007. Both shots are shown here, and you can see that they’re identical.

Now that you’ve spent more time checking out Voldo’s junk than you’re probably comfortable
admitting to, let’s be honest about something: The fake ad is a damn convincing forgery. The Soul Calibur games have always been over the top when it comes to characters’ sexual designs, but the fact that nobody was really all that surprised by ads like these shows just how ridiculous things have gotten with the series.

Source: Joystiq

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