Soul Hackers 2 release date announcement trailer August 26, 2022 Atlus PS4 PS5 Xbox One Series X S PC PlayStation 4 5 JRPG RPG

Atlus has revealed the announcement trailer for Soul Hackers 2, which is coming to PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC with an August 26, 2022 release date. This title will evolve what began with Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker, bringing a “more defined” art style, “addictive RPG gameplay,” and “next-level storytelling” from Atlus. The Soul Hackers 2 announcement trailer can at least emphasize the defined art style, with its slick cities and digital landscapes. There is also no mistaking that this exists as part of the broader Shin Megami Tensei franchise.

Plot details are scarce at the moment, but there is a war between demon summoners and you are trying to “decrypt destiny” to stop a brewing apocalypse. The story will focus on Ringo and Figure, two Agents of Aion, and you can probably expect a whole lot of intrigue, betrayals, and revelations. Eiji Ishida and Mitsuru Hirata are producing and directing Soul Hackers 2, with music by MONACA and character designs by Shirow Miwa and Production Manager Shinjiro Takata.

Soul Hackers 2 has its August release date set, and when it arrives, it will have been more than nine years since Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers launched on Nintendo 3DS in the West. Prior to that, the game had originally released on Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1 in Japan. Soul Hackers 2 has been a long time coming.


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