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Space for Sale Is All About Building Up Intergalactic Property for Sale

Space for Sale announcement trailer PC game alien property developer intergalactic Mirage Game Studios

At the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022, developer Mirage Game Studios announced Space for Sale, a PC game about being an intergalactic property developer who builds up the land and sells it to alien clients. It offers drop-in, drop-out two-player multiplayer as you roam the land, cultivating it for profit. This will include gathering resources, physically constructing buildings, domesticating flora and fauna, and even studying the flora and fauna for things that could enhance your buildings.

Here is how THQ Nordic describes Space for Sale in its game announcement trailer:

Have you always wanted your own solar system? In Space for Sale, now you can live that dream. As a small astronaut, you buy your own solar system and build homes for your alien clients on exotic planets. Explore different worlds, gather resources, and tame flora and fauna on various procedurally generated planets.

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