Space Marine Gets Invaded by Chaos this August


Insane Psychics, immense green brutes, and warp-spawned demons out to do you extreme mental and physical harm? Sounds like casual Friday to a Space Marine in Warhammer 40k.

THQ has announced that all those rabid Warhammer 40k fans will finally be able to get their hands on Space Marine, a third person shooter based on the tabletop game’s sci-fi universe, this August. But Orks aren’t the only enemies you’ll be chain-swording to bits anymore; new screenshots reveal that Chaos, in all its tentacled, diseased, bloodthirsty, and tactical glory, will be along for the ride.

This is good news. While fighting Orks is, I’m sure, loads of fun, they tend to be a bit straightforward as far as tactics go. Their idea of high strategy is either add more guns (“More dakka”) or more sharp implements (“More choppy”) and charge the enemy (“WAAAGH!”).

As far as intelligent and horrifying enemies go, one must look no further than Chaos. The 4 Gods that reside in a collective pool of psychic energy and emotion called the Warp have made it their goal to taint the entire galaxy with the power of Chaos, and your Forge World is next on their list of planets to convert. In the single player campaign, the protagonist Captain Titus will be pitted against the forces of Chaos made manifest in the form of Chaos Marines, Tainted Psykers, Corrupted Guardsmen, and Bloodletter Demons. Sounds like an average day for a Space Marine.

Blood for the Blood God.

Source: Eurogamer

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