Special Ops Officer, British Gamer Compete in Real Life MW2 Pit Test


When an ex-Special Forces soldier and an avid gamer face off in the Modern Warfare 2 Pit test, who will win?

Popular British program, The Gadget Show, created a real life mock-up of The Pit level in Modern Warfare 2. Host Jason Bradbury challenged an ex-Special Forces soldier, codenamed Sid, to run through the real-life Pit course while Bradbury played the level on the Xbox 360.

The Pit test took about a week to complete and was recreated to exact specifications. The goal of the competition was to finish the Pit test with the fastest time, all the while shooting at the enemy targets and avoiding shooting civie targets. Would a highly trained Spec.Ops soldier be able to beat the time of an avid gamer? I won’t reveal the results, you’ll just have to watch the video yourself (UK folks will need to head over here to watch the video):

Of course, the competition is really comparing apples to oranges. The skills necessary to complete a real-life Pit training course are completely different than the skills needed to play the game, but it was still really cool to see the two go head to head.

Personally, I’d love to see a recreation of the Kraken boss from Tomb Raider: Underworld, though it might be difficult to find a big enough tank … or a Kraken, for that matter.

Source: JasonBradbury, via N4G

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