Spector Speaks on Disney Relationship


Deus Ex creator cum Disney employee said his relationship with the American entertainment empire has so far been positive.

In an interview with gaming website, Spector said he may still be in a “rose-tinted phase” but “things are looking pretty good.”

“Obviously you have a concern any time you deal with a bureaucracy that big and that entrenched and that necessary – I mean, this huge organization with lots to lose if they screw up,” Spector said.

“Realistically, though, I think – you know, I warned them who I was, and I told them ‘this is what I do, and if you don’t want it, go somewhere else,” he added.

The well-known game industry figure said that working with Disney allowed him to avoid hackneyed titles.

“You don’t have to make something that looks like every other game. You don’t have to go for that super realistic sort of look, and no one’s pressuring me to do the hyper-violent, guy-with-two-guns-wearing-sunglasses-at-night stuff,” he said.

Spector’s studio, Junction Point, was purchased by Disney in July.


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