20 minutes, 47 seconds.

Speedrunner Kungkobra broke a record by completing Fallout: New Vegas in 20 minutes, 47 seconds. The prior record was set hours earlier by Swags_The_Dog, who completed the run in 20 minutes, 54 seconds.

The “any percentage” run lets the speedrunner use any glitches and exploits, but no console commands or game modifications – anything that the game itself lets you do is fair game. Kungkobra also crippled the character early, as a perfectly timed quickload prior to crippling grands a speed boost that lets your character move at 160% the normal speed.

“When you cripple your leg, your speed is set to 0, then bring back to 60% of your normal speed,” Kungkobra writes. “By quickloading just before getting crippled, you can confuse the game into giving you 60% without actually being put to 0 ( because we don’t actually really get crippled). So you get a huge speedboost, and walk at 160% of your normal speed.”

Kungkobra focused on building Charisma and speech skills, as well as the Black Widow perk, in order to make the character able to talk her way into obtaining the Platinum Chip quickly, as well as a save/quick load exploit that lets the player skip dialogue with NPCs.

Kungkobra is also in third place in the “Single Segment” category, with a completion time of 30 minutes, 48 seconds without using the above exploits.

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