Speedrunner gymnast86 has completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild with a time of just 58 minutes and one second.

Have you finished The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild yet? While many gamers are sinking hundreds of hours into the game, exploring its vast open nature, speedrunners, which have a field day with every Zelda release, are trying to get their completion times down as low as possible. One in particular has managed to crack the one hour mark, finishing the game in just 58 minutes and one second.

Gymnast86 achieved the incredible time through use of some clever techniques developed by the speedrunning community. “Whistle sprinting” is, for example, is performed by holding the D-pad down and tapping the B button while sprinting, making it possible to maintain a high ground speed while recovering stamina between sprints.

A little bit of controversy within the speedrunning community has been the use of the Link amiibo to get early access to Epona. Some see it as “cheating” while others, like Gymnast86, have no qualms. “To me, it seems silly to want to get rid of a cheap piece of plastic which makes runs of this game slightly faster,” he said. Despite his stance on the use of amiibo, Gymnast86 did not use the Link amiibo in his record breaking speedrun.

Gymnast86 is still working on refining his technique, and believes that even more time can be shaved off the record.

Source: Twitch via Kotaku

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